Collection: Drop Token Redemptionz

This is where all VoW drop tokens are redeemed.  I’m order to redeem a token, you must:

1. Have a drop token in your possession.

2. Call dibs on the “Official Drop Token Redemption” post in the VoW facebook group.  Every drop will have a different number of gold & green tokens that can be redeemed.  

3.  Myself or a VoW admin will be reaching out to you after you have redeemed something on our website to confirm you have the token in your possession.  We will give you instructions on where to send it back to be recycled back into the community.  

Drop Token Abilities 

Green Drop Token - Allows you to purchase any specific variant you’d like. (Excluding Gift Variants)

Gold Drop Token - Allows you to purchase a full set of any (1) design OR any 2 variants of your choice.

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