Collection: VoW Extravaganza Prizez

** Keep scrolling to see detailed product listings of all 55 prizes below this important information.**


1) You will receive (1) waffle ticket 🎟 for every $20 you spend on any of our available products over the extent of the VoW Extravaganza.  

2) Every ticket you acquire will be a chance at winning 1 of 55 different prizes.

3) All winners will take turns selecting prizes based off of the order your waffle ticket was pulled.  (First Pull = First Pick) If the prize says “sold out”, but is still visible in this prize collection, that means it is still available for you to claim.  All “claimed” prizes will be deleted on this page to try to prevent any confusion. 

4) Once you claim your prize, you will not have to pay anything besides a shipping fee that will make it easier to get all of the prizes to the correct winners.  The $5 shipping fee will be refunded to you after you claim prize and submit shipping info.

5) It is possible to win more than one prize, each ticket is eligible to claim one prize.  Meaning if you get five tickets total and win once, you still have four more chances at winning more of them!

6) Each prize will have a detailed description under each listings.  Make sure to check out the “Drop God Token” benefits because they will truly be priceless to anyone who is lucky enough to win one.  We have never done something like this before!

7) The duration time of the Extravaganza Event starts NOW, and will officially end on January 10th, 2023.  Once the sale is done, all leftover items will have prices adjusted back to normal, and you will not receive any waffle tickets with your order.  All packages/waffle tickets will be sent out as fast as possible in the order that packages come through.  Once we have shipped out every order that was made during the sale and get tickets in the hands of our supporters, a big announcement will be made regarding when the “Award Ceremony” will take place in our Facebook community group.  If you are not able to be present during the award ceremony and win, don’t worry!  We will be contacting you to congratulate you and will let you know when it is your turn to claim your prize.

8) Keep in mind, that by supporting VoW, you are going to not only help me live out my wildest dreams to explore the world and spread more love, but you will also be putting food on the tables of many talented starving artists around the world and making a huge difference in their lives also. Never forget, that we can all spread love without saying a word.  👽❤️👽


👽The Vow Extravaganza is a highly anticipated event that has taken an extreme amount of work and preparation.  BUT, the await is over!  Every item on our website has been discounted by 25-50%.  Many items are new or have never been released, some were only available during presales, and the rest are overstock items that the artists I work with and I would very much so love to spread around the world.  In an attempt to jump right back on track of where I fell off for a bit , the VoW Dream Team has organized the best sales event event we could think of.  A sale that not only offers huge discounts on all of our products, but one that also has a VERY good chance at receiving big reward(s) at the end of it.  We have selected 55 different potential prizes for you to win by supporting our business. 

For years, I tried to maintain VoW mostly independently and I was eventually so overwhelmed that it caused me to shut down.  I was forced to come up with a new strategy if I wanted to move forward productively.  After months of strategic planning and preparation, I have put together a new “VoW Dream Team” made of over 25 selfless individuals that are here to to help when the workload gets too heavy.  This will allow me to stay focused on future projects and never fall behind.  We gave our website a whole new look and feel, we have started promoting art, love, and human connection across all other major platforms, and we will always be here to help our fellow Victims Of Wisdom with anything we can.  We are trying to change the idea of VoW from a “business” to a real movement that will inspire more love, creativity and establish newfound human connection to all.  Art is my biggest passion, and VoW is the best thing I have ever created around it.  It is a true honor to work with so many talented artists that have similar dreams of spreading love and self-awareness through art and creativity.  Every time I have stepped away or taken a small break, I have ended up losing my best self in the process.  I know deep down that this is my biggest opportunity of living out my true purposes in life.  The new relaunch of VoW will be like nothing we’ve ever done before.   The dream team is going to work together to sign with as many talented artists as we can and to bring you as much beautiful art your hearts can desire.  If you are still reading this, we applaud and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything, we cannot do this without your love & support.