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Victims Of Wisdom

Prize #16 Click Clack & Knick Knack Pinz

Prize #16 Click Clack & Knick Knack Pinz

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Artist: ALGA

‘Lavender Lover’ Variant LE75

~ Shiny Chrome Silver Metal  

 ~ 3.5” Tall / 2.2mm Thick 

 ~ Full Opal Glitter 

 ~ Full White Glow 

 ~ Epoxy Topcoat 

 ~ Fine Screen Printing Details 

~ Quad Posted 

~ Matching Numbered LE Pair


 Origin - ‘CLICK CLACK’ & ‘KNICK KNACK’ have been patiently waiting to descend from hyperspace and meet humankind on this planet.  They don’t travel by space ship, they travel through the cracks if the dimensions in our minds.  They have been called many different names through out the ages.  Click Clack & Knick Knack have been doing strategic light work since the beginning of time.  They teach us lessons in our dreams, they warn us when something isn’t right, they are the ones that whisper in our ears to “look the other way” before crossing the street.  Watching over us, protecting us, and waking us up from a deep sleep in order to help us all discover the light inside of ourselves.  They’re not from this universe, they are from far beyond!   The only way anyone has ever communicated with them before was through dreams, no one has ever been able to make physical contact with them…..UNTIL NOW! 👽

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