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Victims Of Wisdom

LE30 Blue Ano ‘Micro Flock’ Set of 15 Pinz

LE30 Blue Ano ‘Micro Flock’ Set of 15 Pinz

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Artwork: ‘Micro Flock Series’

Artist: Barret Lee 

Variant: LE30 Blue Anodized Metal

Includes 15 Different Bird Species:  

#1) Pheelz
#2) Renee
#3) Sneaky
#4) Niko
#5) Fiona
#6) Sunny
#7) Snap
#8) Chadwick
#9) Tripper
#10) Tweak
#11) Shifty
#12) Bert
#13) Nigel
#14) Peep
#15) Peanut


💚Pin Specs:

- LE30 Blue Anodized Metal

-Thick 3D Metal for a more realistic look.

-Full Glow on every bird.

- Size: 0.75”-1.00” (about the size of a quarter)

- Double Posted to prevent spinning.

- All birds will come with matching LE numbers.

👽 Chance Of Winning an LE10 Gift Variant of Nigel! (Pictured Last)

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