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Victims Of Wisdom

Pastel “I Am” Magnet

Pastel “I Am” Magnet

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"I Am" by Luke Schroeder 

Receive 1 Pastel "I Am" magnet

Sizes: Magnets are 3" 

"The divine is present everywhere at once; everything emerges from it and evolves towards it.  Many will insist that we can only access divinity in certain places, secret organizations, select rituals, and/or special scriptures.  While these things can variosly enhance focus and lead to deeper experiences, they cannot by themselves bring about lifelong presence.  Moreover, much of their promulgation originates in fear, and attemps to harness our energy for occulted purposes.  See through such veils and foolishness, and practice constant awareness with compassion - even deomons work secretly for god.  Truth and love exist in all things - but most often, you have to actually look."  - Luke Schroeder

(100% of profits will be used to fund our next collaboration with Luke Schroeder.)

Over time, their will be more variants of "I Am" magnets and stickers released!!!

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